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ban on assault weapons now? >> i can't predict -- >> senator feinstein said she was going to bring it up -- >> joy: mark warner and joe machin want a ban on assault weapons. >> joy there are millions of them out there. >> joy: then get rid of the bullet. do something.
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>> obama: are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? that the politics are too hard. >> cenk: that is what he might be saying. we'll have that discussion. there is also good news on politicians coming forward to say that they're going to do something. then we're going to talk about mental health, and there is a mother speaking out speaking out as well, regarding her own kid. >> i'm liza long, i am the mother of a mentally ill son. i wonder some day will i be that mom? >> cenk: that's a powerful story. then of course we have the idiots on the right. >> i wish to god she had an gun in her office locked up when she heard gunfire she then she wouldn't
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have had to lunge with nothing. >> cenk: what an unbelievable fool. all right, it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> obama: in the face of un unconsciencible evil, you look out for each other. >> the principle and school psychologist who were killed after confronting the gunmen. >> the leaders in the building did what they needed to do, knowing that that gun shower gunfire was showering the hallways. >> noah celebrateed his sixth birthday with his twin sister last month. she survived the shooting. >> nothing is more poignant than the six-year-old girl who is who is
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the only survivor in her class. >> she laid there pretending she wasshewas dead. >> we don't carry the idea that every man woman and child can carry an assault weapon. >> obama: can we say that we're doing enough to keep our children safe from harm? >> i don't have a specific agenda to announce to you. >> the wave just comes over you when you realize what happened. >> we will pull together. we will hold each other tightly. and we will. we will get this together again. >> cenk: it's hard to keep it together every time i see those videos. now you have to understand something, this is not an one-off tragedy. you know it. you've seen all the sikh temple shooting, the aurora, colorado,
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shooting gabby gifford and on and on. but what about the one that don't get attention. some of the shootings since friday. this is in oklahoma, this is a little bit before the shooting in connecticut an 18-year-old was plotting to attack his high school. he was going to lock the auditorium shoot all the kids and detonate bombs when the cops came in. luckily someone tipped off the police and he was arrested ahead of time. in nevada you have a man who shot and killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide--by gun. now to a different city in nevada in las vegas a man shoots a woman working in the excalibur hotel and then shoots himself. another case of gun violence. then in birmingham, alabama
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police shot and killed an armed man who wounded and killed two hospital employees. and then another boy shot multiple times and he dies. we move to california city, california. murder-suicide again a 76-year-old kills a 51-year-old woman and then himself. then we go to charlotte, north carolina a 21-year-old male found dead from gunshot wounds. we're still on saturday. a three-year-old in oklahoma, accidently shoots and kills himself. this is what happens when you have guns in the house. you think oh, no that wouldn't happen to me until the three-year-old accidently kills him. don't do it. in roy utah, still on saturday, a man shoots at wife and police. he shoots at his neighbors. they have to evacuate the whole area standoff after standoff. shooting after shooting. we're still on saturday.
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in newport beach california, a man arrested for firing 50 shots and miraculously no one hurt. if these would have landed half the time it would have been an unbelievable tragedy just the next day. we're lucky he missed. then in birmingham, alabama police shoot and kill suspect with an ak-47--that's two stories in alabama and two stories in nevada, and i've lost track of the stories in california. we're finally on sunday, in topeka kansas two police officers and killed in a shootout. one was a new police officer and the other had been in the armed forces. now we're back in california, a well-known tattoo artist erica herrera found dead from multiple gunshot wounds. do we have more? you know what, as i was doing this, there is probably more.
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it is endless. what is the common denominateor? are all of these people mentally ill? did they all play video games? did they watch the wrong movie? obviously the common denominator is guns. let me show you a chart of assault from the u.s. and other countries from the 1960s on. how violent is this country? all the developed countries are down below. all those lines that are blue? see the red one at top we're so far ahead of everybody in violence it is absolutely repull repulsive. to give a sense of the last 50 years. out of the top 25 mass shootings, we have 15 of them. we're number one. when is it going to be enough? when we actually do something? all right michael moore had a tweet that i found to be
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interesting. you'll see these and then people will say hey, more guns are the answer. he said, if only the verse victim, adam lanza's mother, had been a gun owner she could have stopped this before it started. of course that's ironic, and he means it to be ironic. she was a gun owner. he used her guns to kill her and then 26 other people, and then himself. she had 12 guns. what happened? her mentally disturbed son got the guns, and in the end wound up with 28 dead. having guns in the house doesn't help you. it gets you killed. okay, i know, but gun enthusiasts, no, they'll have to hold onto it for the rest of theirs life. it's ridiculous. michael moore used the shooter's name. we haven't shown his face here, and there's no way that you can avoid saying his name as you do
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all these stories right? but i want to de-emphasize him. because, one, it's not about him. and in this case, i don't know what his demons were, and we'll discuss that later in the show. for some of these guys like dli klibold, we don't seen show streakers on tv because you don't want to with regard reward them, they did it to get attention. but we do story after story about these shooters, and we make them famous. i think we got to stop doing that. i think what we need to do is focus on the victims. now, two of them are being buried today. every one of these stories rips my guts out inside. watch. >> the first of the funerals for the 26 innocent victims gunned down at sandy hook elementary school began today. noah posner was the youngest victim. just last month he celebrated
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his sixth bird along with his twin sister. she was in a different classroom and survived the attack. jack pinto also was laid to rest. his obituary said that he died in sandy hook elementary school in the company of his many friends. >> cenk: one of the teachers, she hid the kids in her closet and took a bullet for them. she was 27 years old. stop this madness. i'm going to talk to michael shure. he'll have news in what the president is planning to do and whether we're going to take action this time around. >> cenk, the president himself is not delineated what he's going to do, nor do we expect him just today to wake up and say this is what our plan is, the white house jay carney was a little circumspect but understanding that there will be some action. the president last night though took to well it was the airwaves, but also to a gathering, an ecumenical
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gathering of service remembrance in newtown connecticut. here is the president speaking first about his reflection of what happened there. >> obama: can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children all of them, safe from harm? i've been reflecting on this the last few days. if we're honest with ourselves the answer is no. we're not doing enough. we will have to change. since i have been president this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings. we can't tolerate this any more. these tragedies must end. and to end them they must change. >> yeah, he's tolerated them for quite awhile, though. that guy has a lot of pretty words, and i don't know how much you and i agree or disagree, michael, i'll do a whole other block on it.
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he never does anything. he's an extraordinaryily weak politician. >> i would say that he's a good politician a weak legislator. >> cenk: that's what i mean in terms of policy. >> listen, the country has not come together around something like this. you know, i thought gabby giffords would do this. i wasn't waking up saying when are we going to do something gabby giffords was shot. >> cenk: well, you're not the president. >> no, i'm not the president but i spoke to someone in the who said they have never seen anything like this. the president will have to lean on this. the congress will have to follow. both have to work in concert. that has not happened. i'm not making excuses for him. i've been disappointed on guns. and i'm disappointed we have not talked about it during the collection, and here we are.
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>> cenk: he was given an "f" on gun control here is more from the president. >> obama: no single law, no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. that can't be an excuse for an action. in the coming weeks i'll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement to mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? but the politics are too hard. >> cenk: that's what he's been saying for four years. he was saying that the politics are too hard. the justice department had weak ideas on how to do something and they didn't do it because they were scared about the politics. i'm tired of his words.
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i got to be honest. >> so is everyone. 20 dead children are cause the president to be different. it is causing people who are rank and file members to a congressman who we've had on this show before, yarmuth from kentucky he said today that he was sorry for how little action he has taken in the past. here is the yarmuth speaking today to a community center handing out cards for the homeless. >> i intend to be part of that action, and i promise my constituents the families of the bereaved in connecticut my own family and every american family, i will not be silent any longer. >> cenk: that's how you do it. john yarmuth i believe. that was an apology. he said, i should have done more. that's what i want from the
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president, and i want action. one last quick question, do you think president obama actively pushes really hard for an assault weapon ban. >> i think he's going to. i think it will be multi ammunition gauges and magazines and i think it will be an assault weapons. >> cenk: right, i disagree. he will do some things he will not go for the assault weapons ban. i hope i'm wrong. he should do a hell of a lot more than that. >> congress is waiting and they're waiting for the president to lead. >> cenk: i've been waiting for four years. we're going to talk more about the australian examples which is amazing. roland, one of our producers put this together. every time we talk about gun control, this is what it's about. >> obama: we gather here in memory of 20 beautiful children, shar lot daniel olivia
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josephine, ana. [ singing ] >> dy lan madeleine catherine chase, jesse james grace emmilie. >> she always had something kind to say about anybody. >> jack, noah, caroline jessica benjamin alice god has called them all home.
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like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salads, sandwiches, and more. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> so one of the questions now is whether the nra has been chastened by it. the whole gang is here, ana kasparian, michael shure, ben mankiewicz.
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so at least they have suspended their twitter account--wow. they're not on facebook any more. apparently they feel a little embarrassed. and when meet the press asked 31 of the most pro gun rights senators to come on this sunday, none of them agreed to come on. it's nice to know that they're slightly embarrassed at the fact that they have the wrong position, and their position led to a lot more people being killed. during the election the nra was not embarrassed at all. they ran ads like this against obama. >> in the debate obama slipped up and revealed his real plan. >> part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced. >> obama's national gun ban would outlaw common rifles including rifles used by law abideing citizens for hunting target shooting and self defense, and obama even opened the door to a handgun ban the
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same obama who backed bans against handguns. he's targeting gun owners. defend freedom. defeat obama. >> cenk: almost none that have was true. back in illinois president obama was in favor of banning some guns but since then he has been absolutely terrible on gun control. in fact, he has bragged after the gabby gifford shooting how he has relaxed restrictions. congratulations to him. what happened across the country? panic. not just about your kids but panic that we might never take action. >> the rush started after the mall shooting, but the massive lines formed just after hours friday's school massacre in connecticut. >> yesterday was the biggest day we've ever done in 20 years. today we'll eclipse that. >> local gun stores are so busy
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state gun law checks have people waiting up four hours. one man is buying a semi automatic rifle. he believes that his right to buy one soon will be going away. they've never right. they've been panicked, oh, they're going to take away my guns. but this time he should. he should take away the assault rifles. i don't think he is going to, and what happens in november, two million background checks meaning two million--that's not true, more weapons. two million people might be buying weapons. >> those 15 minute background checks sound thorough to me. >> cenk: that will cover it. >> why this has been true of democratic presidents at every level, why are you so concerned about appeasing the nra when you
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do nothing to offend the nra for four years they're still going to run that ad. you would think at the very least, we'll back off this year. >> or accuse you of what you are doing. >> you might as well stand up and fight because he's going to be accused as a fighter any way. >> cenk: they call him a socialist and then he does republican things any way. you get nothing for it. let's bring in michael hastings with buzzfeed, rolling stone and he's our known notebook here on "the young turks." michael, any word from the nra? they seem to be hiding in a cave. it seems to they that me that they're hiding this time of around because they can't make the usual argument, if everyone in was armed--they're five-year-olds. >> after the columbine shooting in 1999, the nra held it's
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conference in denver and would not change the day. they had a lot of backlash against the nra. this time they're much more careful about how they're handling their public relations campaign. these tough guys in the nra who are always talking about their principles, where are they now defending them when they're unpopular. if they really believe in these principles, it's the most important time to defend them publicly is when they're under attack and despite their unpopularity you still believe in them. >> cenk: that's a great point, michael. there is one guy fighting aggressively, mayor bloomberg in new york. >> it's time for the president i think, to stand up and lead and tell this country what we should do. not go to congress and say what do you guys want to do? this should be his number one agenda. he's the president of the united states. and if he does nothing during his second term, something like 48,000 americans will be killed with illegal guns. that is roughly the number of
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americans killed in the whole vietnam war. >> cenk: well, mayor bloomberg seems to be indisputablely right about that but nonetheless, i'm not sure that the congressmen will listen to him. let's look at australia. rebecca peters on the national network on small arms, rebecca before we talk to you i want to show the audience a clip that explains what happens back in 1996 in australia. >> the 1996 transform gun control legislation in australia. semiautomatic weapons were banned, 700,000 guns destroyed in a buy back scheme. >> we should be going to the americans and saying, look what we did. >> the president has the guts to get it done. >> but they won't do it because they're worried about the gun control lobbyists and worried about the politics. >> cenk: rebecca, tell us what
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happened in australia after they had that very strict gun control? >> well, in australia we had had a mass shooting about once a year for the previous couple of decades, and each time the politicians avoided the topic of fixing the gun laws even though it was clear that they needed to be fixed because they were a afraid of the gun lobby but there were 35 people killed in one day, and by that time the public demand, the public outrage and discuss at our political leaders was so enormous that that was the moment that finally was the tipping point. the prime minister called together the states, and basically coordinated them to change their laws. the laws in australia are state laws as they mainly are in america, and the national government does not have the power to make national laws.
4:27 pm
we needed the state laws to all change to be uniform at a very high standard. as a result of those changes has been that levels of gun deaths in australia are now half of what they were before, and we've not had a mass shooting in all of that time in the last 16 years. so the laws are a resounding success. yet, australia still has hunting, we still win medals in shooting at the olympics. masculinity in australia has not diminished. [ laughing ] we still have freedom. it's possible to have hunting sport, freedom and safety. when we see what has happened in america especially now that's what we are all hoping that some how america would look around and see that it is possible to fix the laws to get a higher standard of safety, and it doesn't mean that you lose all your freedom. >> cenk: let me quickly show the audience some amazing numbers. the days for australia to pass
4:28 pm
the new law? 12 days. you know how we say not now--12 days it took them to pass the law. number of mass shootings before the laws were passed? 13. afterwards? zero. >> there are a lot of ways to interpret those numbers. >> cenk: i'll give you more numbers, see if you can interpret these. here are the restrictions, rapid fire rifles banned. shotguns banned. tightened licensing restrictions, all the things that the nra would scream from the rooftops to oppose. the risk of gun death in australia since they passed those laws down 50%. that's a huge number. get a load of this, my favorite one here at the end the rate of gun homicide is 30 times lower than in the usa. that's the rate per capita. 30 times lower. now michael, when you show those stats to politicians in america there's no way in the world they can argue with them, but they're going to argue any way.
4:29 pm
what do you think are the chances that we're going to get meaningful legislation let alone anything along the lines of what australia did? >> well, i think you can get legislation. i mean, look, they passed the assault weapons ban once. i think it's doable. but i think also the united states as a society we do enjoy sort of spectacles of violence for sport and for fun. so these are deep cultural issues that we need to talk about. look, this is not australia. it's a country with 300 million people. we have country along the southern border where there is essentially an insurgency going on and tons of guns are being flooded. the fast and furious with the obama administration did not handle that well because the answer was, look these gun laws
4:30 pm
put law enforcement as risk too. he has put himself in a position where he has to deliver some piece of meaningful legislation. >> cenk: and one last question for you rebecca movies and video games, have you banned videovideo games and movies in australia? >> sadly, the worse of american culture is exported to us with violent and stupid video games in australia. but in an emergency room you rarely see a person show up with an injury by video game. guns don't cause violence but they really, really multiply. impact of it. >> cenk: no question. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> cenk, can i say to rebecca
4:31 pm
regarding the worse parts of america culture is exported to australia, i just want to say you're welcome. >> cenk: luckily they guns out. when we come back, the mental health aspect of this story. what can we do about it when we return? >> i close the door to my office and started to shiver. every time i hear about a mass shooting i think about my son. and i wonder if some day i'll be that mom. you've let nothing stand in the way of being ready [ ♪ music ♪ ] what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like
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>> cenk: let's discuss the mental health aspect of the shooting in newtown connecticut. an interesting blog post that
4:34 pm
has gotten 2.6 million views on gawker's website alone. it was written by someone who calls herself the anarchist soccer mom. she talks about how she has had troubles with her own son. she has talked to nbc news. this is what she says. >> mymymy name is liza long, and i'm the mother of a mentally ill son. he's 13 years old he's bright. he loves harry potter, he loves to nuggetsel animals. when he gets angry he frightens me. i first learned about the connecticut school shooting at work on my facebook feed. i closed the door to my office and started to shiver. every time i hear about a mass shooting i think about my son and i wonder if some day i'll be that mom.
4:35 pm
>> cenk: obviously, guys, this is incredibly scary ana michael, ben, they're all here. you know, i don't know this is the most important issue. well i do know. i think guns are the most important issue. this is obviously a very important issue. what did you take from liza long's speech. >> she makes a good point when it comes to our mental health institutions. funding for mental health institutions has been cut year after year. the reagan administration cut a significant amount of federal dollars towards these institutions and as a result a lot of mentally disabled individuals ended up on the streets. so we do need to focus on that problem. but when i read her blog i felt like there was much more emphasis on that, and very little emphasis on gun control. i think that right now we should use this horrible situation as a learning experience for both issues. we need to tackle both. >> let me just give you some
4:36 pm
stats there to back up what ana is saying. reagan cut health clinics by 25%. we're not done between 2009 to 2012, this is at the state levels states have cut $4.35 billion from their mental health spending. it seems like we're going in the wrong direction both on guns and mental health. >> we're going in the wrong direction certainly on mental health, and we're going in no direction on guns. that's what you have to point out here. i think a story like this transcends that kind of a narrative. i don't think it's about institutions or guns, i think it's people paying attention to every single part of a real strategytragedy. when you hear this mother talk about her son if you read anything about columbine the parents of dylan dylan kiebold and we all think our children are
4:37 pm
perfect in a way it takes guts to do this and it's all part of the tragedy. the attention is totally appropriate on mental health. it has to be part of this conversation. >> cenk: i will tell you the one big difference between liza long, who wrote about i'm adam lanza, i'm dlibold's mother, and not exactly. especially in the case of lanza. here is a piece from "60 minutes." >> yes, she liked to target shoot. she got into it, i think, in the last few years or so. she really enjoyed it. but yes, she was an advocate. she really got into it and loved it. >> the guns adam lanza carried into the school, a rifle and two pistols like these were all legal, registered to his mother under connecticut laws, which are among the strictest in the nation. the murder weapon was a semi automatic variation on the
4:38 pm
assault rifle. >> cenk: it's not to blame the mother she's dead. adam lanza killed her first. okay. but it's to say the decisions have consequences, and there are results, right? so one mom and she claims liza long does, that when the kid grabs the knife, she put away every knife in the house. the other mom had 12 weapons in the house and you have a mentally disturbed kid and there are 12 wednesday 12 weapons in the house. i don't know how else to say it. that's a terrible idea. terrible idea. i'm not saying it to blame the poor woman who is already dead, okay? i'm saying if you have a mentally disturbed child and she took him to a gun range at nine. don't do that? isn't that the most obvious thing in the world? i guess it isn't. if you're a gun enthusiast, yeah, i have a kid who is mentally disturbed. let me show him how to fire weapons. >> when you look at the mass
4:39 pm
shootings in the country you notice that a lot of these individuals got their guns legally. that shows how extreme the gun nuts are in this country. they want to allow every single person to get their hands on the gun regardless of their mental health history. >> it goes to that 15-minute gun check that ben alludeed to--ludicrous. >> cenk: now when we come back we're going to talk to an expert about this because we're all thinking right now how do you see the warning signs? who might be, you know, in risk? whose not? we'll talk about it when we come back.
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>> cenk: we've been talking about the mental health aspect of the shooting in newtown
4:43 pm
connecticut. now we'll bring in daniel fisher, thank you for joining us. people are wondering was this because of autism or asperger's, there is speculation as to what lanza's condition is, people don't even know yet but if he had those conditions, would that be part of the reasoning for the shooting or not at all? >> no, really not. certainly we all want to know why did this happen, but there is no increase in violence with people diagnosed with asperger's or autism. just no evidence that there is an increase or with people labeled or diagnosed with a mental illness. more frequently they're victims. more frequently they're victims than perpetrators. >> cenk: i can understand how they would be victims more often, and obviously something we have to be careful about. but there has to be some mental
4:44 pm
illness that we should be concerned about. i mean, do you think--it seems that the kid was off in some way. i think that's a natural reaction for people to have, and then we wonder what is it? in this case we don't know what it is, but in clinic studies there must be forms of mental illness that could you know, cause violence or lead to a situation like this, no? >> no, not mental illness no. a number of studies have been carried out and one reason there is a misperception that mental illness is linked to violence is when somebody has been diagnosed, and this is not the case with this young man but has been diagnosed with a mental illness then that is highlighting if there is an episode of violence. but if you look at the actual number of violent episodes and how many are perpetrated by people with mental illnesses
4:45 pm
it's somewhat below the average. it's more an issue of personality difficulties of not having developed a conscience more social socioapathy and we don't know if there are substances involved in this case. >> cenk: is there a name for that when someone lacks empathy and lacks the conscience that you're talking about. is that a mental illness or just a bad guy. >> cenk: it'sguy. >> it's a personality disorder. it's basically someone who has not developed a conscience. that development of conscience and empathy comes from repeated social interactions. now i think the fact that he didn't really have very many friends and wasn't connected to
4:46 pm
his society around him, and apparently isolated even from father and brother that leads to a loss of conscience as well. >> cenk: it's really interesting, i wish we had more time to discuss it. doctor, thank you for coming on and clearing up the misconception that many people have in this country. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: now when we come back here come the right-wing idiots with their own theories of how this could be averted. when you talk about idiots, louie is normally at the top of the list. >> she takes him out takes his head off before he could kill those precious kids.
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>> cenk: all right, back to "the young turks." we're talking about crazy conservatives and their reaction to the shooting. something interesting happened at the beginning of sunday's football game, a lot of things involving gun and politics in sunday night football. ben has that story for us. >> yes, cenk, i was watching sunday night football, michael in particular with the niners playing. early in the game, the pre-game show warned that they took the president's speech at the high school near the elementary school where the shooting happened and said you can watch watch, and they did cut away for 15 minutes. as a football fan i first think i felt was people are going to be very angry at this, even given it's obvious national importance. >> think how upset i was, i was
4:51 pm
watching the business report on cmbc and there was a football game on. >> but on twitter the reaction was venomous. we have three tweets that came out. here's the first one. we've obviously edited it a bit for you take that "n" off the tv. we want to watch football. that's from a guy whose handle was two a hog of the year. he has been thrown off the team. >> bradley partisan. he has been thrown off the team for that. here is another one. obama, you stupid sand "n" get off my tv. you're just making families hurt and miss their kids more, and of course, after a relatively nice sentiment after thinks horrible sentiment he says, and i want to watch football, which is people--god for bid you miss ten minutes of football. then this one.
4:52 pm
really? can't even watch sunday night football because our "n" pre---there was many more in that vein using the n word. >> what is sand--in the middle of calling the president stupid he said things stupid in 18 different ways. what an always a fruitful exercise, trying to figure out the mind of a crazy racists. >> and the "n" word is a go-to move. >> cenk: and that long snapper is not going to be missed in the northern alabama football program. then ana there were officials say-- >> yes, lou yes gomert was on fox news. he was talking about the shooting. here's what he had to say. >> i wish to god she had had an m-4 in her office locked up so
4:53 pm
when she heard gunfire she pulls it out and she didn't have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands and takes him out before he could take out those precious kids. >> cenk: would you send your kids to a school with a teacher armed with an m-4? >> i mean, i answered this question the other day. i'll answer it for you again now. if i learned that a teacher--i don't know what an m-4 is, but if i learned that she had a gun gunni wouldn't send my kids into her classroom. >> they're teachers, you can't expect them to be trained on guns. you can't have guns on campus. we've done a billion stories about kids who killed themselves accidently because an adult forgot to put a gun away appropriately. >> what about a locked cabinet.
4:54 pm
i'm going to unlock this cabinet and then i'll shoot you. >> cenk: look at the society we've created here. armed gunmen patrolling the schools, the kindergartens. there is another idiot conservative who wrote in saying only if george zimmerman had been there. george zimmerman shot a teenager. if you put him in the school, he might have shot one of the kids. >> louie gommert. he was a judge deciding the fate of his fellow-- >> it's almost better that he's in congress. >> cenk: he's so profoundly ignorant. we got to go. when we come back we'll have one more hypocrisy for you from the right wing. >> when you're not arming people you're creating a health hazard. a gun is a vitamin of safety. exciting issue. from financial regulation, fraud on wall street. things everyday exploding around
4:55 pm
the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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